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M42 Cobalt – Straight Flute Plug Tap

Type 24-RNCN M42 Cobalt Titanium Carbon Nitride Straight Flute Plug Tap
Type 24-RNCN M42 Cobalt Titanium Nitride Plug Tap

— Used in cast iron, brass, bronze, armor plate with a Rockwell C hardness betwwen C30 - C45 and hard plastic.
— These steels are ideal for cutting tools because they have a high red hardness that gives it much higher heat resistance.
— Allowing tools made of Cobalt to be run at faster speeds and higher feed rates.
— Fractional taps for Hardened steel and iron.
Proudly manufactured in the USA.

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The tapering of the threads at the front end of each land of a tap by cutting away and relieving the crest of the first few teeth to distribute the cutting action over several teeth; Taper taps are chamfered 7-10 threads, Plug taps are chamfered 3-5 threads, Bottoming taps are chamfered 1-2 threads.