Viking Drill and Tool St. Paul MN
America's Finest High-Speed Steel Cutting Tools™
Proudly Manufactured in the USA
                             with globally sourced material

Viking Drill and Tool — PRODUCT VIDEOS

Drilling High Speed Steel NAS 907B

Ultra Bor Super Premium will substantially outperform cobalt drills in work hardening stainless steel and other tough drilling applications.

HSS Taper Shank Type 510

Taper Shank Drill are made to fit
tapered holders, standard shank with a 118° point, black oxide flute.

Hand Tapping using HSS Spiral

Drilling with a M42 cobalt, handing tapping with a HSS Spiral Tap and screwing in a bolt.

CNC Jobber Length HSS Heavy Duty

Manufactured to NAS 907B specs from premium hi-molybdenum steel.

HSS Heavy-Duty NAS 907B

Ultra Bor Super Premium special Hi-molybdenum tool steel a 135° split point for fast peneration and accurate starting without a center punch.