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TiN Heavy Duty – Taper Length

Type 221-PT HSS Titanium Nitride Parabolic Flute Taper Length Tang Drive
Type 221-PT TiN Heavy Duty Parabolic Flute – Tang Drive

High performance drill combines the superior wear resistance of TiN coating, and
     the deep hole drilling advantages of parabolic flutes.
Parabolic flute design offers wide flutes combining with a higher helix to eliminate
     chip ejection difficulties
Titanium nitride coating for good lubricity, low heat resistance
     and extended tool life.
Tang drive is a flattened portion at the end of the shank that fits into a driving slot
     of the drill holder
on the spindle of the machine.
— Exceptional qualities of these drills can provide high productivity and extended tool
     life when compared to uncoated high–speed steel.
Proudly manufactured in the USA
       with globally sourced material
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Advantages of a Parabolic Drills:
Parabolic Flute Shape
Due to their unique design, parabolic drill bits, drill holes faster than other drill bits.
The Parabolic spiral allows chips to flow up quickly, not blocking the hole OR requiring frequent drill bit withdrawal to clean out chips. Parabolic drill bits rarely shred the area surrounding entry and exit holes , leaving less damage to be corrected after drilling. Parabolic drill bits last a long time, with breakage is a problem only with the smallest bits (under three-sixteenth inch in diameter).