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HSS TiN Coated Parabolic – Jobber Length

Type 240-PT Titanium Nitride Parabolic Flute Heavy Duty Jobber Length 135° Split point
TiN Parabolic Flute Heavy Duty – 135° Split point

Exceptional high performance drill with the super hard TiN coating extends tool life 500% or more in very abrasive drilling applications.
Allows increased feed rates for better manufacturing productivity and shorter cycle times.
Improved chip evacuation leads to a better surface finish in the hole.
— Titanium Nitride coating for good lubricity, low heat resistance and extended tool life.
Proudly manufactured in the USA
       with globally sourced material
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Flute shape of a Parabolic vs Standard Geometry

The name comes from the flat parabolic shape of the flute. You can see from the diagram
what all has been done to get the twist drill out of the way of the chips as much as possible.
This allows higher feedrates even for relatively short parabolics and I have heard from some
machinists who use parabolics exclusively for that reason. Fair to say that parabolic drills
are more premium products, so most manufacturer’s are taking more care with them in general.
They’re just higher quality cutters.