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Proudly Manufactured in the USA
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Extra Length Drill Bits 6", 9", 12"

Type XGT-UB Heavy Duty Extra Length 135° Split Point
Type XGT-UB Heavy Duty Extra Length

— Yield exceptional performance in deep hole drilling application.
— Will drill 12 or more diameters deep without drill removal to clear chips.
Feed rates maybe twice that of standard drills.
— The main challenges with deep drilling are the efficient coolant control
     and metal chips removal.
Recommended for work hardening grades of stainless steel
     and other hard metal drilling operations.
Proudly manufactured in the USA
       with globally sourced material
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  Profile of flute (Groove profile)
Profile of Flute

Due to its function as a channel system, the profile of flute promotes chip absorption and removal. The wider the groove profile, the better the chip absorption and removal.
Poor chip removal means a higher heat development, which in return can lead to annealing and ultimately to breakage of the twist drill. Wide groove profiles are flat, thin groove profiles are deep. The depth of the groove profile determines the thickness of the drill core. Flat groove profiles allow large (thick) core diameters. Deep groove profiles allow small (thin) core diameters.