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Metric — Titanium Nitride Straight Flute Tap Set

Type 35-UBN Metric TiN Taps Straight Flute Hand Set
Titanium Nitride Taps Straight Flute Hand Set

Includes one each: Titanium nitride taper, Titanium nitride plug &
     Titanium nitride bottoming taps.
Taper, plug and bottoming styles provide great versatility in tough materials, both
    blind & through holes.
— These taps can be used by hand OR for tapping under power.
Proudly manufactured in the USA
       with globally sourced material
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Type 11-Ub Ultra S/P™ Cutting Lube
Ultra S/P™ Super Premium High Viscosity
    Super concentrated no run formula.
    Clings to vertical surfaces for continual lubrication.
    Virtually smoke free in even the most heat prone applications.
    • Use for through hole or blind hole tapping.
    • Contains no ozone depleting substances.
    • Ultra S/P™ Super Premium will extend tool life and yield a super machined finish.
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