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 PRODUCT CATALOG >> Type I30-UB Gold Oxide Taper Pipe Interrupted Tap

Gold Oxide Taper Pipe – Interrupted NPT

Type i30-UB Gold Oxide Taper Pipe Interrupted Tap
Taper Pipe Interrupted Tap

Interrupted — Thread Taper Pipe taps reduce friction, increase chip capacity,
     and enhance coolant flow.
— They are used for general-purpose applications on both ferrous nonferrous materials.
— High speed steel Interrupted Thread Pipe Tap is designed for tapping soft or tough
     stringy metals
that tend to load threads with chips.
Proudly manufactured in the USA
       with globally sourced material
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Interrupted Taper Pipe Tap
Interrupted Thread Pipe Tap start with a few full threads and then have every other thread removed along the thread helix to provide more chip space, improved lubrication, and to reduce drag. A taper pipe tap is used in the pipe threading manufacturing process to provide a tight seal for pipes that transfer liquids, gases and other substances.