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Type XGT-UB Extra Length 6" - 9" - 12" Drills

Type XGT-UB Extra Length Gyroidal Torsion Flute 6", 9", 12"
HSS Super Premium Heavy-Duty Construction 135° Split point

Gyroidal torsion flute and wide land construction yield exceptional performance in deep hole drilling applications.
— Gold surface treated for low temperature stress relief that enhances lubricity ,reduces friction and increases drill toughness.
— Will drill 12 or more diameters deep without drill removal to clear chips.
Feed rates twice that of standard drills.
— Recommended for medium to high tensile strength materials.
Proudly manufactured in the USA.

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Deep Hole Drilling
Deep hole drilling can employ various machine set-ups: rotating work piece, rotating tool, OR both tool and work-piece rotating in the opposite directions. However the most common and best practice for deep hole drilling is “rotating tool” with drills designed for such application. Successful deep hole drilling is about taking advantage of special deep hole drill designs and by optimizing the performance & controlling the chip. However, whichever set-up is employed, the basic principles of hole drilling still applies. The correct choice of cutting speeds and feeds are still crucial. Satisfactory chip breaking, and removing the chips from the cutting edges without damaging tool or work piece, is essential.