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HSS Type 510 Taper Shank 118° point

Type 510 Taper Shank drill fits tapered holders
Taper Shank Standard – Black Oxide Flutes & Clearance

Taper shank drills are made to fit tapered holders.
Precision ground flutes, clearance and point.
— Designed to perform well under a wide variety of conditions in a wide range of materials.
Proudly manufactured in the USA.

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Tapered Shank
Tools with a tapered shank are inserted into a matching tapered holder and pushed or twisted into place. They are then held by friction. In some cases, friction fit needs to be made stronger, with use of a drawbar, fundamentally a long bolt that holds the tool into the socket with more force. Caution needs to be exercised in the usual drilling machine OR lathe situation, provides no drawbar to pull the taper shank into engagement, if requiring high torque but providing little axial resistance.

An example would be use of a large diameter drill to slightly enlarge an existing hole. This situation, there may be considerable rotary loading. In contrast, the cutting action will require very little thrust or feed force. The thrust helps to keep the taper seated and provides essential frictional coupling. The tang is NOT engineered to withstand a high torque forces which is sufficient to cause the taper shank to slip, frequently twist off in this situation.